Tip of the Week: Content Builder & Content Canvas Coming in 2015

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Typically we reserve our Tip of the Week topics for features that are currently available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget). Today we make an exception for an upcoming upgrade we want you to be aware of: Content Builder and Content Canvas.

Tip of the Week: Campaign Email Tracking Report

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If you currently use Campaigns, you know that it can be a great way to organize multiple sends under one category, making it easy to see on the calendar, etc.  Beyond the color-coded fun, you can use your campaign to find aggregate tracking data across multiple emails. Remember to associate your email to a campaign before doing a send to have the tracking included!

Tip of the Week: Shortcuts Box in the Marketing Cloud Email App

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In a Tip several months ago, we recommended the default login preference: a setting that allows you to jump directly into a certain area when you log in to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget). You can streamline even further – if Email is your application of choice – and take advantage of another time-saving technique.


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