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Tip of the Week: Using BrandBuilder in the Marketing Cloud

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Have you noticed the ExactTarget branding at the top of your subscription and profile center and wished you could insert your own company's logo?

New users to the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud may not be aware of BrandBuilder. BrandBuilder allows you to replace ExactTarget's branding with your own in various areas of the site. Using your company logo as a starting point, you'll pick colors to round out the branding changes.

If you've used BrandBuilder in the past, you may not have seen the more streamlined version in the Marketing Cloud.

Tip of the Week: Managing Subscribers for an A/B/C Test

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What happens if your marketing team can't decide between two subject lines? What if you want to see a response to two different promotions within an otherwise identical email?  The answer is simple: set up an A/B test. ExactTarget's built-in A/B Test solution takes care of the work for you; just provide the details and go!

Balance hosting Cloud Crawl event at #CNX14

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Coming to Indianapolis for Connections September 23rd-25th?  Join the Balance team on Wednesday night for our event during the annual Cloud Crawl. It's sure to be one of the most entertaining stops on the crawl for #CNX14.  We'll have live music from Mike & Joe, drinks and food at one of Indy's most famous establishments: the Slippery Noodle! We can't wait to see you there!


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